Introducing our ambassadors

Charlie Daisy Fields Brand Ambassador


Hey 👋 I’m Charlie and live in the Worcestershire area in the beautiful countryside.

I live for nails! I’m a level 3 qualified nail technician, however I was diagnosed with AS which did really get me down so started to do what I  love which is to make new nail designs, create amazing sets whether it be through acrylics, biab, hard gel, gel polish the list goes on lol.

This is my happy place. I believe in helping each other grow and can’t wait to participate in getting Michelle the most she can and more from her company as I believe in these products.

Most my work goes up on instagram @cutie_tips_nails where the beautiful creations I make with daisy fields products will be on display for all to see.

So together let’s get creating no matter where you are starting out in your nail journey we have you covered and the best advice on how to maintain healthy strong nails. 



Hi I’m Maddie, I’ve lived in Christchurch Dorset my whole life and have only lived in two house’s which are down the road from each other 😂.

I have an amazing partner called Jake and even though we haven’t been together that long I pretty much live there. It’s amazing though, coming home from work and having a cup of tea and a hot steamy bath waiting for me. Honestly the best thing after a long shift.  

What do I do for a living you may ask, well at the moment I’m working in a chicken shop in Christchurch full time becoming a supervisor to help build up my savings. It really is great fun because of the people I work with. On the side I also do Beauty Therapy and I absolutely love love love it.

I did my level 2 and 3 at college and from the first day I started my course I knew I wanted to do it in the future.  

I’m so happy to be a Ambassador for Daisy Fields to help show off their amazing products and such good value and I hope I can help show others how easy it is to do your own nails from home. It can be very therapeutic and relaxing after a long day❤️


Hello, I'm Brooke. I have lived in lots of places before moving to Christchurch with my husband and son. And it is here that I met the fabulous Michelle and family, the warmest and kindest crew around!

I studied fine art at university and later on anthropogy, and have worked as a teacher abroad and in the UK. Now I support young children with speech and language needs. And for the pure, indulgent creative fun of it, I love playing with the fabulous colours, textures, patterns of Michelle's beautiful nail polishes and coming up with new designs and colour combinations. It is truly addictive and feels like magic on a minature nail-sized scale.  

Since beginning this creative journey, and watching Michelle and her family get excited about it all, I see nails everywhere. A beautiful mani has become a conversation starter, an expression of style and mood, a creative outlet, and so many other things.


Hello I'm Lynda Asare co CEO of Cherished_London, named after my daughter who is the actual boss of our family! I have 2 children and live and work in London.

I am a qualified nail technician who is passionate about natural nail healthcare, and I sell Cuticle oils which help aid natural nails. I hope to bring my Knowledge and inspiration to enhance the customer experience of using daisyfields

After having my daughter in 2015 and suffering postal natal depression, I wanted to do something for myself, something that made me happy, not a job that would become a chore so I started off by training with CND which then led me to go to college and I qualified as level 2 nail technician.

if I could name one nail tech inspiration it would be Nicola from @baseby_njm as she is not just skilled at her craft, she is uplifting and very honest regarding the practices within the nail industry and her work is flawless!


Hi I’m Michelle, I live in Christchurch Dorset but originally a Sheffield girl who must have a bit of gypsy in me as I’ve lived a whole number of places before finally settling here by the coast. I’m married to the loveliest guy Steve and we’ve been together nearly 20 years…we’ve also worked no more than 6 feet away from each for all that time…it helps he’s calm and tolerant 😳 I have two kiddies Charlie (13…save me from the teenager!!) and Daisy (9…crazy hair and born to act…or is she just a drama Queen 🤔🤣).

Also I shouldn’t forget my fur baby Chewie, totally barking mad 2 year old Cavapoo. So what’s work for me? Well starting Daisy Fields, inspired by my daughters name of course, came not because I’m a nail technician, or even anywhere close to being one, definitely not that skilled or creative but because I absolutely 1000% LOVE LOVE LOVE nail stuff!

Having my nails done was just the very best thing but life got tricky financially through Covid and like many people we had to cut back. I’m afraid, amongst many other things, it was the professional manicures and gel nails that had to go to the back burner and that’s when I got to thinking…maybe I can do it myself 🤔 

I checked out the competition, cleaned up on areas I thought were important, like providing the best of everything, looking after your own nails has to be important as well and made it financially accessible to a larger ‘real’ market and TaDa 🎉 Daisy Fields arrived 🎉


Licensed nail, lash and brow technician