What Colours Should You Wear on Short Nails?

If you're looking to paint your short and somewhat awkward nails with something beyond clear polish or colours that might seem overly flashy, we've got some ideas for you!

7 Best Colours to Wear on Short Nails

We compiled a list of colours that would look absolutely stunning on short nails and here they are!

1. Whites

It shouldn't come as a surprise that white is at the top of the list. The reason is that white truly enhances the appearance, giving it a fun and playful look that manages to draw attention. You should try this out!

The Snowball Gel Nail Polish truly understands its role in delivering the desired results, elevating it to a whole new level by infusing a touch of elegance and purity. Emphasizing the importance of adding this exceptional gel polish to your collection is not an exaggeration—it's a must-have!

2. Pearly Shimmery Pink

Here's another look that would quickly become a favourite. A touch of glitter on the side adds that extra spice, elevating the entire experience. Our Pink Cardillac Gel Nail Polish truly knows how to deliver! Don't miss out—give it a try!

pink gel nail polish

3. Red

Don't underestimate the power of the colour red! It's vibrant, fun, and an overall fantastic look that never goes wrong—seriously, it's clueless about going wrong.

Explore our Paint it Red Gel Polish; it's a steal and knows exactly how to make a statement with its passionate pop. You definitely want to check it out!

red gel nail polish

4. Nude

Short nails? Nude colours or those close to your skin tone brilliantly highlight their best features. The result? Always stunning! The keyword here is "always." Trust the variety of nude colours to consistently deliver. And guess what? Our Nude Ballard Gel Nail Polish knows exactly what's up!

nude gel nail polish

5.Dark and Gold

This combo is the epitome of a fire combination! The result is lit every time! It's not too dark, avoiding that odd look of tiny nails—no, it's just right. Perfect is the word we're reaching for here.

Dive into our glitter collection, especially the Galaxy Gel Polish. It's breathtaking—a dark color that twinkles, resembling the galaxy right at your fingertips. You don't want to miss checking these out!

dark glitter gel nail polish

6.The Electric Blue

Short nails always rock the blues, and our electric blue gel polish in the collection is truly special. Your nails not only look beautiful but also appear to be charged with lightning energy. You need to check it out to see for yourself!

1. Green

The British Racing Green Gel Nail Polish works like magic, transforming nails from ordinary to nothing short of breathtaking. Green always looks lovely on short nails, so feel free to experiment, and play it up and down—I bet the outcome will stay consistently stunning!

Final Thoughts

Short nails are not dull, and there's ample room for experimentation. Don't stress too much about colours or think that certain shades are only meant for those with long nails. Just go with the colours you love!

green nail polish
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