How to Keep Your Gel Nail Polish From Chipping

Gel nails can look stunning, but when they chip, it can give the opposite impression, making it seem like you're neglecting your nail health. It's disappointing when your polished nails chip after just a few days, especially considering the time and money invested. If you're in this situation, keep reading for tips on preventing your nail polish from chipping.

How to keep your gel polish chip free

8 Tips to Prevent Your Nail Polish
From Chipping at Home

There are several reasons why your gel nails might chip within a few days, most of which could be related to the preparatory and application processes. Here are a few of those reasons!

1. Start out the process with clean unpolished nails.

This should be the very first step: make sure to wash and clean your nails thoroughly before starting the application process. You need to remove any dirt, grime, and other residue as they can affect how well the gel adheres. Also, ensure your nails are completely dry afterward; you don't want to apply gel polish to wet nails.

it all about the nail polish prep

2. The Preparatory steps should not be neglected.

There are important steps to take when preparing your nails for gel polish application, as they contribute to longer-lasting and better results. If you're not confident in doing this yourself, consider visiting a professional nail salon for a great experience. However, if you're a DIY enthusiast, start by cleaning your nails thoroughly.

Then, use a cuticle pusher to gently push back your cuticles. Next, grab a nail file with a fine grit, as they're softer on nails, and shape them as desired. Finally, buff your nails to reduce their natural shine, which helps the gel adhere better to the surface. These steps will help you achieve a polished look and maximize the longevity of your gel polish.

always use a base coat

3. Skipping base coat.

Applying a base coat is a crucial step in the nail polish process; it's like the foundation that supports the entire application. Skipping this step is not recommended. Avoid using gel polish that claims to serve as both a top coat and a base coat. Instead, opt for a quality base coat. The application process is also important. Apply the base coat by placing your brush in the center of the nail and making downward strokes. Make sure each layer is properly cured afterward.

cure in between gel nail polish coats

4. Cure Properly.

Make sure to allow enough time for each layer of your nails to properly cure before proceeding to the next step. Not doing so will undoubtedly increase the risk of chipping. Typically, 30 seconds to 2 minutes is sufficient time to get the job done.

5. Avoid activities that can damage your nails.

Avoid exposing your nails to activities or chores that could damage them. Refrain from using your nails to open cans, as this can lead to chipping and damage. When doing dishes, protect your hands by wearing gloves to prevent exposure to harsh chemicals and water, which can weaken nails.

apply thin coats of gel nail polish

6. Apply several layers of colour.

When applying gel polish, it's important to brush on at least 2 to 3 layers of color. Remember to cure each layer before moving on to the next one. Another crucial step is to ensure that you cap the edges of your nails by wrapping the tips during the application process. Also, be careful not to get any gel polish on the cuticles or the skin around the edges of the nails, as this can cause the polish to lift and chip within a couple of days. Pay close attention to this, whether you're doing it yourself or at a salon, and don't hesitate to alert the nail technician if needed.

7. Apply a top coat.

This step is really crucial. Always remember to apply a top coat—it's like the icing on the cake for your nails. It strengthens them, prevents chipping and helps your manicure last longer. Don't skip this step; it's the perfect finishing touch.

8. Apply a touch up to any small chips that occur.

You can apply polish over small chips to extend the life of your manicure for a few more days. While it may not look as perfect, it can keep your nails looking presentable. Alternatively, you can add another layer of color to your manicure to freshen it up and make it look vibrant again. This is a last resort option if your goal is to preserve your manicure and cover up any chipping.

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