How to Apply Gel Polish on Short Nails at Home

Gel polish application is far more challenging for professionals and do-it-yourselfers when natural nails are extremely short. This is because it is challenging to cap nail tips with gel when skin protrudes past the nail tips, which compromises the manis' longevity and durability. If the gel were to get on the skin, the tip would break and peel off. Here's how to comfortably apply nail polish to extremely short nails!

How to Apply Gel Polish on Short Nails at Home

Gel Application Preparatory Process

 The preparatory step is the most crucial part, and the first item on that list should be gathering the tools you'll need to work your magic: a nail file, a buffer, a base coat, a top coat, colour, a cuticle pusher, wipes, and cuticle oil.

Now that we've gathered each of these. The next step would be to give your nails a thorough cleaning; you want to make sure that any dirt, buildup, or debris is removed because it could obstruct the process. Then, using the cuticle pusher, gently push back the skin in a straight, nice, and gentle manner. On the nail plate, you should lightly press backwards but not downwards.

filing nails for a base gel coat

The most noticeable and useful component of the nail unit is the nail plate, which is the hardened keratin plate that rests on the nail bed and gradually slides across it as it grows. The term "free edge" refers to the nail edge.

Next, take out a nail file. Because they are kinder to the nails, we would suggest using a 180 grit or a Japanese file. Ensure that you file in a single direction. Square shapes are not really advised for nails that are extremely short because the corners will be under pressure. Gel peels and breaks easily from square corners. After filing, you should use a buffer to remove the natural shine from your nails; avoid being too harsh, but you should aim for a textured look because gel adheres best to this type of surface.

Now, that’s done, you wipe the nails again to cleanse the surface and let it dry.

4 Basic Steps to Applying Gel Polish on Short Nails

With the preparations out of the way, lets get to the fun stuff!

1. Use a nail form

A nail form is typically used for creating extensions and adding length but they could also be used in this case to provide what we need. Which is barrier between the nail plate and the skin. You could use something like a scotch tape, or blue painters tape if a nail form isn’t readily available.

Apply your nail form and ensure you have a good connection between the nail form and the nail. The idea is too pull it down a bit so that the nail edge is sitting pretty over the form but it is also firmly secured that it protects the skin downwards.

apply the gel base coat

1. Apply a base coat 

Apply the base coat to the nail with a brush, starting with a pool in the centre and spreading it outward with downward strokes. To avoid contact with the cuticle and side walls, tilt the nails slightly. If the base coat is too thin, you might need to go in a couple more times. Remember to "wrap the tips" for each layer by applying the polish to the free edge of your nail. You do this in this sense by applying past the nail gently and wrap up the tips really well right on the form.

Use a UV or LED lamp to cure the base coat. Gel polish does not dry by air; it cures under UV light, so it's best to apply it with the lamp nearby for easy curing. So, by the time you finish applying the base coat to the nails, they are all cured.

apply the top gel colour coat

1. Apply top coat and colour

Apply your colour in accordance with the base coat pattern, capping the free edges as well! Let it cure for 30 seconds, then apply your top coat and let it cure once more. Next, use your cleanser to remove any remaining inbition layer. Pinch at the sides of the nail form as you go, and gently pull it out.

1. File again!

The outcome may appear a little sloppy now that the form has been removed, but don't worry. Mission completed as long as there is no gel on the skin. All you have to do is file your free edges to match the form of your natural nails and you're done! Wear those stunning nails.

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