10 Valentine Gel Nail Art Inspos for 2024!

Oh, how delightful! The bells of love are ringing, and what better way to express that uniqueness and just the right amount of spice than by glamming up your nails?

Now, now, now, we've gathered gorgeous and stunning nail art inspirations that are guaranteed to enhance your Valentine's Day look and fill you with confidence. Would you like to see? Keep reading!

1.              Nude that Shimmers(@napaznokclach)

There's truly something special about nude colours or those hues closer to your skin tone. You simply can't go wrong with them, and for a special occasion like this one, adding shimmers, glitters, and a few hearts here and there is sure to be breathtakingly gorgeous.

Nude nail polish with glitter

2.              Pink and Hearts(@manicuresbyjay)

There's something for everyone. So, if you're a fan of short nails and worried about what would look good, this was specifically selected for you. It has two perks: it's simple and cute. If that's your vibe, you shouldn't overlook this one. Opt for a darker pink shade and a transparent pink polish to recreate this look, and don't forget to sprinkle in the hearts. Our Pink Panther is definitely what you need to pull off this look, so check it out!

good for shorter nails

3.              Fiery Red(@pfanni_nails)

We know you've been waiting patiently to see a red nail inspiration, and voila! You've found it. This is a vibe that screams bold and commands attention; you can't have it any other way with this look. Grab hold of our Red Hot Love gel polish and witness that spicy magic happen!

a look for shorter nails

4.              Nude and Red Duo(@bobbiejo-esthetics)

This is a look to die for! (Not literally), but you see what we mean. The combination is absolutely stunning and eye-catching, perfect for any nail length, whether naturally long or with extensions, short or really short, and anything in between long and short. It just works for anybody, anybody. Get our Valentine's Day duo colours to make this beauty happen!

Valentines nails with hearts

5.             Pink with the Bows(@beautuflyxo)

Pink! This colour, we can't get enough of it. For longer-nailed girlies, you might want to draw a bit closer and inspect this look because it is mind-blowing.

This is the kind of nail look that just gets people staring and wanting to hold your hands for much longer than necessary. And the crazy thing about this piece of art, aside from the length and colour, is the bows and intricacies of the designs. The bows are super cute, and the pink is of a really light shade. Everything just blends in so well, with neither doing too much.

Pink bows for Valentines day nails

6. Tawny Tango and Cotton Candy Combo(@ninavo-nails)

One word for this duo is alluring. It gives off this simple yet put-together and elegant look, like you aren't doing too much but doing just right. You definitely should check out these colours in our collection; they might just be a vibe you dig into.

Tawny tango for Valentines nails

7.      Blush Boom with Mini Hearts(@the_nail_girl_lowestoft_)

This is an incredibly simple look and gives off such serene vibes. Perfect for simple and working-class girlies, it doesn’t do too much but it is beautiful! And our Blush Bloom colour is the right fit for creating this classy look

gel nail hearts for Valentines

8.              Nude with Stones and Gold Glitters(@haileyhottips)

There is definitely something iconic about this look. Do you see it? The way the colours, glitters, and stones blend together indicates one thing and one thing only: this is a beautiful piece of art. You might want to take a snapshot to recreate the look. And let's not forget the detailing, oh! This is simply breathtaking. As I mentioned earlier, you just can't go wrong with nude or colours closer to your skin tone, and here is another proof.

nude nails with glitter

9.          Nude and White(@haileyhottips)

Now, here is a moment to showcase the elegance of our Snowball White gel polish, perfect for French manicures and looks such as this one! You might just need to grab it from our collection. Here's the thing: we have always known that nude and white are a staple together, but in this form, it is a masterpiece and incredibly stunning!

glam nails for Valentines day

10.             Trio Colours(Black, Green, and Purple)(@haileyhottips)

There is a lot going on in this nail look, but it almost feels like it isn't. The effect is subtle, giving it that glam look mainly because nude serves as a base colour and the other colours are in perfect match, also in varying little amounts. Everything just works, and it shows!

gel nail polish in black and green

Final Thoughts

Valentine's Day is a day to love and feel loved. Show yourself love by treating yourself to things you like and experimenting with your favourite colours. Do not limit yourself and above all, have a blast!

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